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Metal Signs


Our metal signs are offered in .040, .080, and on MaxMetal. All options are available to be fully customizable in vinyl lettering or full digital print.


The .040 metal is best used for signs going against a flat surface such as against a building or wall.  The .080 metal is a stronger and thicker gauge that can be used on posts and any other type of application.  These both come in white but can be made any color you would like.  Metal signs come in standard sizes ranging from 12" x 6" up to 36" x 24" and can also be custom cut to any size you may need.  It is also available in street sign shapes such as diamonds, circles, octagons, and a few others.


MaxMetal is an aluminum composite material that is lightweight.  It is available in single sided and double sided and comes in a seletion of color options.  These are great for hanging signs, construction site signs, and framed signs.  MaxMetal comes in standard sizes ranging from 12" x 6" up to 10' x 6' and can also be custom cut in different shapes and sizes.

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